Trader Joe's Soy Yogurt
Trader Joe’s Soy Yogurt

Before I was diagnosed, I wasn’t much of a yogurt eater. I liked it, I just never kept it around. I mostly used it for smoothies. There was nothing better than a creamy smoothie made from yogurt and fruit while studying. And these days its seems you can’t go out to a smoothie shop and find a non-dairy smoothie. If you can, your choices are limited to 3 options at the most.

I recently had a craving for a yogurt smoothie and began my search for Soy yogurt. I first came across Stonyfield’s O’ Soy®, which is soy yogurt, but is not actually dairy free. It contains soy and milk cultures, with their live active cultures being milk based.
I next found Turtle Mountain’s All Natural So Delicious Dairy Free Creamy Cultured Soy Yogurt®. This promises to be everything I want. They have several flavors right down to Vanilla. It’s organic, certified Vegan and has pre- and probiotics for enhanced intestinal health. Unfortunately, no one around here carries it, and I even attempted to get several stores to carry it with Turtle Mountain’s handy Product Request Form.
My next attempt was to call local organic/all natural food stores that catered especially to vegans. But since this was in the middle of a winter, and a recent snow storm had crippled the city, most weren’t answering their phones on account of no one being at work. I tried Jungle Jim’s but couldn’t reach anyone to enquire as to whether the Soy yogurt they listed in their products was indeed dairy free or if it was like the Stonyfields Farm’s yogurt and used live active cultures from milk. I next tried Trader Joe’s. Their product list showed soy yogurt and I was able to get someone on the phone to check and make sure it was dairy free before I drove over there to be disappointed. I was assured it was indeed dairy free.
For $.99, Trader Joe’s Soy Yogurt isn’t bad. Consistency is much like what you’d expect from yogurt. textually my tongue finds something different with the soy make up of the yogurt because after a few bites it messes with my gag reflex if I eat it plain; usually if I wait a few minutes I can continue eating it. But, when mixed in a smoothie it’s what you’d imagine from yogurt. One of the downsides to Trader Joe’s yogurt is that it only comes in 3 flavors Strawberry, Blueberry and Peach.
Overall I’d say Trader Joe’s soy yogurt is a wonderful non-dairy alternative to yogurt, especially if you are looking for something creamy to put into a smoothie.