A friend messaged me today to ask about the fatty content of coconut milk. When I told her I wasn’t sure because I don’t like coconut so I don’t drink it she responded with ‘well its in the organic section at the store, so it can’t be that bad for you.’ When did organic food become synonomous with low in fat and healthier for you?

Switching to a diet filled with organic or all natural foods may be healthier for you. You are not putting as much chemicals into your body, so you feel healthier, but the nutritional value is just the same. Organic chocolate still has the same fat content as regular chocolate.

Organic food is food that is strictly regulated by the government. Companies that produce organic food are not allowed to use most chemical pesticides and livestock are not to be given antibiotics or growth hormones, and must be fed a reasonable diet for an animal. Processed food is the mass produced food you can find on the shelf of any supermarket. It’s cheaper, but produce is covered with chemical pesticides and livestock are given a regular routine of anitbiotics and growth hormones, and fed relatively unhealthy diets.

Weight loss isn’t about what type of food you eat in most cases. It’s about how much of what food groups you’re eating and how much you are moving. If you’re diet consists of mainly deep fried foods and very little exercise, chances are you’re not going to lose weight. Switching to organic foods is not enough to loose weight.

Through the course of my diet restrictions I have lost weight. I eat less sweet foods high in sugar and less fried foods. I eat less beef and stick to fresh fruits and veggies. Also to manage stress which can also cause flare ups I do yoga at least 3 times a week, and to help keep me regular I do some form of cardiovascular exercise at least 3 times a week. The switch to organic foods was a conscious decision to try to keep the foods that go into my body as pure as I can to aid my digestive system in its work. Also, organic foods tend to be driven more towards Vegans which is the general direction my digestive system is taking me.