LightLife Foods is a company based in Turners Falls, Massachusetts on a mission to feed people healthy food and heal the planet. They offer a wide range of meatless alternatives from chicken, in many different forms, to sausage and ground beef. 5% of their net profits go to organizations that work to protect children, the environment and human rights. Their business began in 1979 when they started offering Tempeh to consumers and in 1985 they released meatless hot dogs.

Recently I’ve tried their Smart BBQ which is a shredded veggie protein in a barbecue sauce. From one package I can get 3 sandwiches. It’s convenient for lunch at work as it is microwaveable. It can be eaten on bread or put it into a wrap.  The barbecue sauce is delicious; tangy but sweet. For all intents and purposes it mimics shredded barbecue beef well. There are some downsides though. The veggie protein doesn’t mimic the beef texture very well. It is a bit soggy and not quite as chewy.  Overall it’s really good if you have a craving for shredded BBQ beef.

Smart BBQ Wrap


1/4 Cup Smart BBQ

1 Slice Galaxy Foods Vegan Cheese Slices American flavored

2 Romaine lettuce leafs

1 soft Tortilla shell


Step 1: Heat the Smart BBQ. Strain off some of the excess BBQ Sauce.

Step 2: Wrap all ingredients together.


Smart BBQ also makes a lovely accent to a salad.