Silk Live! Soy Yogurt

Silk Live! Soy Yogurt

Silk, one of the most recognizable brands of soy milk, has recently released a new product called Silk Live! Soy Yogurt. The release of this product includes the flavors: Blueberry, Black Cherry, Key Lime, Peach, Raspberry, Strawberry, Banana-Strawberry, Vanilla and Plain. As far as variety goes Silk Live! has Wholesoy & Co. and Trader Joe’s soy yogurt beat. I’ve tried each flavor at least once and I have to say my favorites are the Banana-Strawberry, Key Lime and Black Cherry. This is the first brand I have found around here to offer a plain yogurt. Closet I’ve seen is Wholesoy & Co.’s vanilla flavor.

Some pros to the Silk Live! Soy Yogurt is that it contains probiotics to help support natural defenses and aid in digestion. Variety is also a plus here. While not organic, it is made from NON-GMO North American Soybeans and not only being dairy and lactose free, it is also cholesterol free. It’s ony 150 calories per serving so it’s a nice light snack in between meals.

Some drawbacks; mainly price. Around here, it’s only offered at 1 store and its 10-20 cents more expensive than the Wholesoy & Co. It also doesn’t contain fruit chunks like the Wholesoy & Co. does. I like the chunks of fruit, so I’ll probably stick with the Wholesoy & Co. for regular flavors like raspberry and strawberry and eat the Silk Live! for some variety with the Key Lime and Banana-Strawberry.

I’ll leave you with a recipe from Silk’s website. It’s pretty tasty.

Yogurt Berry Drink


2 Cups Silk, any flavor

6 tablespoons brown sugar

6-7 drops vanilla extract

2 cups frozen mixed berries

1 6-oz container Silk Live! plain yogurt

1/2 lemon

Additional brown sugar for rims of glasses

6 strawberries for garnish


Step 1: In a small saucepan bring Silk soymilk, brown sugar, and vanilla to a boil over medium heat. Remove from heat, cover and let sit for 15 minutes.

Step 2: Puree frozen berries and Silk mixture in a food processor or blender until smooth. Add Yogurt. Blend well.

Step 3: Rub rims of 6 glasses with lemon and then dip each rim in brown sugar. Divide drink equally between glasses and garnish each glass with a strawberry.

Yields 6 servings