Hi! Sorry for the disappearance. November brought NaNoWriMo which I am happy to announce I won! And December brought travels, holidays and sickness. Now I am feeling rested and well and ready for the new year begin.

One of my favorite new years memories is always Grandma’s meat rolls. She only ever made them for New Year’s Eve. Us kids would go to her house while Mom and Dad went out celebrating Mom’s birthday.  She would have several plates of them prepared and we’d snack on them after dinner until the ball dropped. So, I present: Grandma’s Meat Rolls.


Several small packages of thinly sliced deli meat. (Honey Ham is the best! You can also use chicken, beef or turkey)

A couple jars of either dill or bread and butter pickle spears

A couple packages of Tofutti Better than Creamcheese spread

*Note: this is all subjective to how much you want to make. The number of slices of meat you buy doubles as you cut them in half.


Step 1: Neatly stack the meat and then cut them in half.

Step 2: Cut the pickle spears in half long way and then into fourths short ways.

Step 3: Take a halved meat slice and lay it in front of you. Place on the meat slice a pickle slice and a small amount of creamcheese and then roll the meat along its length.

Just repeat until you have your desired amount. Enjoy!